Theoretische Informatik


The Chair of Theoretical Computer Science (INF8) belongs to the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Our core research topics are

  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Formal Methods
  • Knowledge Representation

Head of the group is Prof. Dr. Lutz Schröder.


  • Program Equivalence is Coinductive (D. Pattinson, L. Schröder) accepted at LICS 2016
  • 07/2015: Ulrich Rabenstein wins the Brose-Preis for his Bachelor's Thesis “Ontology-supported classification of ad hoc disclosures”
  • Global Caching for the Flat Coalgebraic mu-Calculus (D. Hausmann, L. Schröder) at TIME 2015
  • Thorsten Wißmann wins a first prize in the teaching evaluation of the technical faculty (category “Tutorial in an obligatory course with 5 to 19 responses”) for his tutorial in Theorie der Programmierung (SoSe2014)
  • New DFG project Coinduction meets algebra for the axiomatization of system equivalences (COAX) (Stefan Milius / Lutz Schröder) granted
  • System description COOL – A Generic Satisfiability Checker For Coalgebraic Logics with Global Assumptions (D. Gorin, D. Pattinson, L. Schröder, F. Widmann and T. Wißmann) at IJCAR 2014.
  • Monodic Fragments of Probabilistic First-order Logic (J. C. Jung, C. Lutz, S. Goncharov, and L. Schröder) at ICALP 2014
  • Coalgebraic Weak Bisimulation from Recursive Equations over Monads (S. Goncharov and D. Pattinson) at ICALP 2014
  • Generalized Eilenberg Theorem I: Local Varieties of Languages (J. Adámek, S. Milius, R. Myers, and H. Urbat) at FOSSACS 2014