Praktische Semantik von Programmiersprachen

According to UniVis, we’re scheduled for Do, 14:15 – 15:45, 01.255-128 and Fr, 12:15 – 13:45, 01.255-128. While in principle we do not rule out rescheduling, in practice it’s unlikely, given usual difficulties with finding a slot which would please everybody.

For the course description, see here. Here is the link for the course webpage in StudOn.

The tool we are going to use throughout the course is Coq, in its version 8.6, together with the ssreflect language from the mathcomp library. You can use the versions installed in the CIP pool or install it on your own machine using your favourite package manager (opam, the OCaml package manager, recommended).

Sommersemester 2017
Dozenten Tadeusz Litak, Christoph Rauch
Termine und Ort see UniVis or StudOn
Umfang 4 SWS – 7,5 ECTS
Zielgruppe WPF INF-BA-V-THI ab 4. Semester
WPF INF-MA ab 1. Semester