Theoretische Informatik

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Sergey Goncharov


Address: FAU Erlangen-NürnbergRoom: 11.156
  Chair for Theoretical Computer Science Telephone: +49-91-3185-64031
  Martenstraße 3Fax: +49-91-3185-64055
  D-91058 ErlangenE-Mail: Sergey.Goncharov@fau.de

About me

I am an assistant professor (german: Akademischer Oberrat) at Chair for Theoretical Computer Science of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen and Nürnberg. My research interests include (but not limited to):

  • computational monads and side-effects;
  • program logics (with side-effects);
  • semantics and foundations of computations;
  • (universal) algebra, coalgebra, and category theory.



I am concerned with the basic research in the area of formal semantics of specification and programming languages. My work is thus oriented towards identification of the general idioms and principles pervasively appearing in these areas, to allow for a conceptual unification of various approaches so as to ensure both a high level of generality and practical meaningfulness.

Guarded Trace

With this in mind, I am studying and contributing process algebra, computational monads, fixpoint calculi, Kleene algebra, formal languages and automata theory.

In more detail, my view is recently summarised in the abstract to my habilitation thesis. My recent work revolves around the notion of guarded traced monoidal category.



Here is the list of my scientific publications. Cf. me on DBLP and on ResearchGate. Sergey Goncharov

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