Theoretische Informatik

This is a webpage collecting some additional references for discussions that we have had at the workshop, mostly concerning impossibility theorems and their (algebraic-)logical aspects.

  • I am rather avoiding duplicating material that Alexander Kurz already put on the general webpage with references. Please look there first, many references are relevant! Below, I am only adding material which Alexander has not published:
  • Here are the slides of my something of a tutorial. Most of the references I am mentioning there should be easy to google out, as I was trying to put as many screenshots of title pages as possible. If you have problems finding references, just email me (or check Alexander's webpage first)
  • Apart from paper of Daniel Eckert already available on the main page, we used his slides in the Thu afternoon discussion.
  • A paper which was mentioned during the Thu afternoon discussion (and before that as well) and which I did not really mention in my presentation was Ultraproducts and Aggregation by Lauwers and Liedekerke together with its much later addendum (also pointed out by Geghard)
  • Two papers of Davide Grossi that I wasn't aware of when preparing my tutorial, but which are absolutely relevant — they discuss the use of Goedel-Dummett algebras (intuitionistic fuzzy logics) in jugement aggregation, even if Davide says he would have written them differently now: paper one and paper two
  • yet another important paper, which did not get mentioned, and yet it very much should have been: Kirman and Sondermann (1972) (again, thanks to Geghard!)
  • For those who are more categorically oriented, there is also work by Keiding on the categorial approach to social choice theory

And finally, you can go back to my homepage. Which for the time being does not contain much on social choice (as I only started learning about it just before the Logics for Social Behaviour workshop), but this may change.