Theoretische Informatik

Fatemeh Seifan


FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Chair of Theoretical Computer Science
Martensstraße 3
D-91058 Erlangen
Room: 11.130
Email: fatemeh.seifan[at]fau.de

About me:

I am a researcher at Chair for Theoretical Computer Science of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen and Nürnberg. My current main research areas are Coalgebraic Modal Logic and Coalgebraic Automata Theory . In addition to these topics, I'm also interested in Category Theory and its applications to Logic.


Accepted for publication:

1. Uniform Interpolation in Coalgebraic Modal Logic (F. Seifan, L.Schröder and D. Pattinson), CALCO 2017 .

2. An expressive completeness theorem for coalgebraic modal mu-calculi ( S. Enqvist, F. Seifan and Y. Venema), Logical Methods in Computer Science, to appear.

3. Completeness for Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logic (S. Enqvist, F. Seifan and Y. Venema), CSL 2016.

4. Monadic Second-Order Logic and Bisimulation Invariance for Coalgebras (S. Enqvist, F. Seifan and Y. Venema), LICS 2015.

5. Uniform Interpolation for Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logic (J. Marti, F. Seifan and Y. Venema), CALCO 2015.


1. Completeness for the modal mu-calculus: separating the combinatorics from the dynamics (S. Enqvist, F. Seifan and Y. Venema), ILLC Prepublication Series PP-2016-33.