Theoretische Informatik

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hausmann

Address: FAU Erlangen-NürnbergRoom: 11.130
  Chair for Theoretical Computer Science Telephone: +49-9131-85-64054
  Martensstraße 3Fax: +49-9131-85-64055
  D-91058 ErlangenE-Mail: daniel.hausmann(at)fau.de

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair for Theoretical Computer Science of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen and Nürnberg.

My recently completed PhD-thesis Satisfiability Checking for the Coalgebraic µ-Calculus supervised by Prof. Dr. Lutz Schröder gives a detailed discourse on decision procedures for the satisfiability problem of general modal fixpoint logics: thesis.pdf