Theoretische Informatik


The Chair of Theoretical Computer Science (INF8) belongs to the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Our core research topics are

  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Formal Methods
  • Knowledge Representation

Head of the group is Prof. Dr. Lutz Schröder.


  • Game-Based Local Model Checking for the Coalgebraic mu-Calculus (Daniel Hausmann, Lutz Schröder) at CONCUR 2019
  • Graded Monads and Graded Logics for the Linear Time – Branching Time Spectrum (Ulrich Dorsch, Stefan Milius, Lutz Schröder) at CONCUR 2019
  • A Modal Characterization Theorem for a Probabilistic Fuzzy Description Logic (Paul Wild, Lutz Schröder, Dirk Pattinson, Barbara König) at IJCAI 2019 (preprint)
  • Varieties of Data Languages (Stefan Milius, Henning Urbat) at ICALP 2019
  • Equational Axiomatization of Algebras with Structure (Stefan Milius, Henning Urbat) at FoSSaCS 2019
  • Optimal Satisfiability Checking for Arithmetic mu-Calculi (Daniel Hausmann, Lutz Schröder) at FoSSaCS 2019
  • A Metalanguage for Guarded Iteration (Sergey Goncharov, Christoph Rauch, Lutz Schröder) wins best paper award at ICTAC 2018
  • Christoph Rauch wins first place in the technical faculty's teaching evauation in the category ÜP5, summer semester 2018
  • A Semantics for Hybrid Iteration (Sergey Goncharov, Julian Jakob, Renato Neves) at CONCUR 2018
  • Guarded Traced Categories (Sergey Goncharov, Lutz Schröder) wins EATCS Best Theory Paper Award at ETAPS 2018
  • A van Benthem Theorem for Fuzzy Modal Logic (Paul Wild, Lutz Schröder, Dirk Pattinson, Barbara König) at LICS 2018
  • Permutation Games for the Weakly Aconjunctive mu-Calculus (Daniel Hausmann, Lutz Schröder, Hans-Peter Deifel) at TACAS 2018
  • DFG Project Reconstructing Arguments From Noisy Text (RANT) (Stefan Evert, Lutz Schröder, in DFG SPP 1999 Robust Argumentation Machines (RATIO))
  • COOL - The Coalgebraic Ontology Logic Reasoner extended to cover the aconjunctive (coalgebraic) mu-calculus
  • DFG Project A High Level Language for Programming and Specifying Multi-Effect Algorithms (HighMoon II) (Sergey Goncharov, Lutz Schröder)
  • Completeness of Flat Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logics (L. Schröder, Y. Venema) in ACM TOCL (preprint)
  • EATCS Best Paper Award at MFCS 2017 for Eilenberg Theorems for Free (H. Urbat, J. Adamek, L.-T. Chen, S. Milius)
  • A Characterization Theorem for a Modal Description Logic (P. Wild, L. Schröder) at IJCAI 2017
  • Efficient Coalgebraic Partition Refinement (U. Dorsch, S. Milius, L. Schröder, T. Wißmann) at CONCUR 2017
  • Automatic Verification of Application-Tailored OSEK Kernels (H.-P. Deifel, C. Dietrich, M. Göttlinger, D. Lohmann, S. Milius, L. Schröder) at FMCAD 2017
  • Ontological Modelling of a Psychiatric Clinical Practice Guideline (D. Gorin, M. Meyn, A. Naumann, M. Polzer, L. Schröder) at KI 2017
  • Nominal Automata with Name Binding (L. Schröder, D. Kozen, S. Milius, T. Wißmann) at FOSSACS 2017
  • Unifying Guarded and Unguarded Iteration (S. Goncharov, L. Schröder, C. Rauch and M. Pirog) at FOSSACS 2017
  • Probabilistic Description Logics for Subjective Uncertainty (V. Gutierrez-Basulto, J. Jung, C. Lutz, L. Schröder) in J. Artif. Intell. Res. (JAIR)